About Us

Angels & Company was born from a desire to let children be children in timeless clothing and classic silhouettes. Based in Monroeville, Alabama, Angels & Company garments are designed and manufactured right here in the U.S.A.

Monroeville, Alabama, formerly home to Vanity Fair manufacturing, is a south Alabama town known for authentic Southern charm and grace. Today, Monroeville is home to many seamstresses who were displaced when the Vanity Fair factory closed. 

Angels & Company founder, Frances Jones, saw an opportunity to create jobs in her community and fill a gap she saw in children's clothing. She knew the kinds of clothes she wanted to dress her grandchildren in - timeless silhouettes in classic fabrics that let children be children. Working with her friend Ann Schaum on the designs, the ladies launched the line in the Summer of 2022.

Angels & Company has been a labor of love to create, from the very first drawing of a dress to the manufacturing process. We are creating jobs in our small town and helping parents and grandparents dress their children in the style they love! 

Meet The Team

Frances Jones

Brent Maughon

Patsy Andress

Peggy Brown

Darlene Craft

Ann Schaum

Octavia Dean

Becky Linger

Nita Parden

Sharon Smith

Deloise Stallworth

Jamie Stallworth

Sandra Stallworth